Our Culture

Our Culture

Healthy Development

Healthy development for the enterprise

Focus on principal businesses and become stronger within industries; perform cooperative operations and keep on innovating.Improve mechanisms and operate in compliance with laws; improve management and achieve steady development.

Healthy employee development

Enhance employee physical/mental health and share enterprise development outcomes with them;Motivate employees to progress and increase their personal value.

Healthy society development

Drive enterprises to create mutual benefits and win-win situations with society; promote a symbiotic relationship between humans and nature.Create high-quality life and act as responsible corporate citizens.

Happy Work

Members of Luen Mei Group recognize and admire their own and others' merits.

Make ourselves happy - strive to realize dreams and realize personal value.

Make the team happy - trust each other and take pleasure in helping and sharing with one another.

Make the family happy - gain abundant outcomes and spend time with the family.

Make customers happy - serve customers wholeheartedly and create a bright future with them.