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Industry Introduction

In line with the development of national strategic emerging industries, Luen Mei Group links the production with investment, makes diversified layout, constructs a multi-dimensional financial service system, continuously expands its business territory, supports the transformation and upgrading of the real economy, facilitates technological innovation and industrial development, and builds a multi-level high-quality development pattern.


Guoren Property And Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd Luen Mei Group made investment and became the second largest shareholder of Guoren Property And Casualty Insurance Co., Ltd—one of top 20 property-liability insurance companies in China. Guoren has more than 200 institutional outlets, covering key economic regions in China; as of the end of December 2021, the company's total assets had reached RMB16.35 billion. It has successively underwritten major projects such as China's 3D Fengyun satellite, C919 aircraft, new energy and photovoltaics, national power grid, and urban rail transit, serving the development of the real economy.

Xingbang Financial Leasing Luen Mei Group made investment and became the second largest shareholder of Xingbang Financial Leasing—the only nationwide financial leasing company in Qianhai, Shenzhen. Based on Shenzhen, deeply exploring South China market and radiating the whole country, Xingbang Financial Leasing provides services for the development of the real economy, industrial transformation and upgrading, small, medium and micro enterprises and residents' consumption upgrading. As of 2021, the total assets of the company had exceeded RMB 20 billion.

Shengjing Bank Luen Mei Group is an initiating shareholder of Shengjing Bank. With the assets more than RMB one trillion, Shengjing Bank has 18 branches, more than 200 operating agencies and subordinate specialized operating agencies such as Shengjing Bank Consumer Finance Co., Ltd. and Small Enterprises Finance Service Center, comprehensively meeting the comprehensive financial service demands of enterprises, institutions and individual customers.

Lianhui Commercial Factoring Limited A wholly-owned subsidiary of Luen Mei Group; it relieves the financing difficulty for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Yongliu Capital Focusing on private equity investment.

Cemt Co., Ltd. Cemt Co., Ltd. is one of the largest domestic power system solution providers for hydrogen fuel automobiles with the fuel cell system as the core component and is specialized in the R&D and manufacturing of metal bipolar plates, membrane electrodes and proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC).

Abiochem Biotechnology As a domestic leading enterprise in the field of enzyme catalysis with the strongest implementation capability, it applies leading enzyme library resources in the production of intermediates and APIs through the research and development of biocatalysis methods. Its products cover the fields of medicine, health products and pesticides, etc.

Wuxi Xichanweixin Semiconductor Co., Ltd. As the world's second largest mobile base station RF device supplier, and a national strategic-level analog semiconductor IDM (vertical integration) flagship enterprise, it makes the business layout across three fields: power, RF and sensors, and carries out the enterprises integration and mergers & acquisitions through vertical integration mode.

Jindong Digits Technology It connects the finance to the physical industries by digital means, and boosts the financial and physical industries to achieve Internet connection, digitization and intelligence, thereby reducing costs, improving efficiency and enhancing the user experience and model upgrading.

China Literature Group As an industrial leading genuine digital reading platform, a literary IP cultivation platform and a Chinese network literature market pioneer, it owns well-known brands such as QQ Reading, and Xinli Media, and has a strong creator team and a rich reserve of works, covering more than 200 content categories, reaching hundreds of millions of users. A large number of its excellent web IPs have been adapted into multi-format products such as film and television, animation and games.

QI-ANXIN Technology Group As a leader in China's enterprise-level network security market, it focuses on providing a new generation of network security products and services for governments and enterprises, and constantly creates disruptive and asymmetric core technologies for network security.

Industry Lineup

Cemt Co., Ltd,
Power Analog RF Company
JD Technology
Qianxin Technology Group
China Literature