Green Energy

Industry Introduction

Luen Mei Group actively explores innovative new energy technologies, constructs integrated new energy solutions led by core technologies and supported by financial services, with big data + artificial intelligence as the carrier, builds a power battery recycling industry chain and creates a new engine for profit growth .


Battery Science & TechnologyA Core Drafter of National Standards on Power Battery Recycling

Battery Science & Technology has the leading physical dismantling technology of decommissioned power batteries in China, and is committed to establishing a closed-loop industrial chain for the full life cycle of power batteries. It focuses on links such as battery banking + echelon utilization + recycling, builds an ecological chain of battery financial services and recycling and forms a unique and innovative development model. As a core drafter of national standards for power battery recycling, Battery Science & Technology has participated in the drafting of 8 national standards, 5 of which have been implemented, greatly promoting the normative development of the industry.

Battery Science & Technology has built a complete patent system, covering treatment processes of charged crushing of waste power batteries, electrolyte removal, and lithium battery materials sorting, and has 22 patents. The charged physical dismantling technology of Battery Science & Technology has no waste water, no waste gas and no waste residue discharge, which is environmentally friendly, efficient and safe. In respect of environmental protection, the production lines are airtight. No waste water and hazardous waste are generated, waste gas is collected uniformly and there is no leakage; the energy consumption is low, and there is no smelting heating and no chemical reagent added; in respect of high efficiency, the process chain is short; with full automation, it can process six 300Ah cells every minute; with strong compatibility, a set of equipment can be used to disassemble power batteries of different structures, sizes and models; the recycling rate is high, and the material sorting purity exceeds 95%; in respect of safety, the battery module directly enters the crushing system; the battery does not need to be discharged and can be processed directly; the whole process is automated without manual participation.

Battery Science & Technology has successively reached strategic cooperation with Sany Group, Goldwind Sci & Tech and other leading enterprises in the industry to carry out long-term cooperation on battery banking and decommissioned power battery recycling, jointly establish a power battery recycling network, and promote the safe echelon applications of waste power batteries in the fields of backup battery and battery charging and swapping. Battery Science & Technology focuses on the comprehensive utilization of power battery in the full life cycle and expedites the industrial development of new energy.

At present, Battery Science & Technology has deployed 50,000 tons of production capacity in Tianjin at the early stage. Based on the Tianjin base as the template, combined with the regional market scale and capacity, it has accelerated the nationwide layout in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta.


Zhengtuo Energy Technology- A Professional Manufacturer of New Energy Anode Materials

Zhengtuo Energy Technology(ZET) was founded in March 2008 and is located in Yichun Economic and Technological Development Zone, a national-level new energy industrialization base in the "Lithium Capital of Asia". As a leading enterprise in the domestic anode industry, it is a national high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of graphite anode materials for lithium batteries, and has won the honorary titles of Jiangxi Lithium Ion Battery Anode Materials Engineering and Technological Research Center, Jiangxi Professional, Precision and Specialized Hi-tech Enterprise, Provincial Enterprise Technology Center, Yichun Excellent Technology Enterprise and Yichun Innovative Enterprise.

The products of ZET are mainly used in the fields of lithium-ion power batteries (EV/HEV/PHEV, power tools and electric buses, etc.), energy storage lithium-ion batteries (energy storage power stations, mobile energy storage vehicles and low-speed scooters, etc.), lithium-ion batteries for digital electronic products and other new energy battery materials

Focusing on lithium battery anode materials, ZET has deepened the research and development of "near-term graphite + medium-term silicon carbon + long-term lithium alloy" series materials, expanded the graphitization production process, and is determined to become a leader in the subdivision field, and carries out strategic cooperation with Luen Mei Group in the layout of new energy battery circular industry chain to seek coordinated development.

ZET has applied for 52 national patents, and its products have reached the domestic leading level, and have been widely recognized by leading enterprises in the new energy industry such as BYD and CATL. The 45,000-ton lithium-ion anode material integrated production line built by the company is the anode material integration project with the most advanced domestic technology, environmental protection technology and the low energy consumption per unit of GDP.


Cemt Co., Ltd. A Hydrogen Energy Industry Leader

Luen Mei actively makes layout on the hydrogen energy industry and made investment in Cemt Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2016, Cemt Co., Ltd. is one of the largest domestic power system solution providers for hydrogen fuel automobiles with the fuel cell system as the core component and is specialized in the R&D and manufacturing of metal bipolar plates, membrane electrodes and proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC).

Cemt Co., Ltd. has strong independent innovation capability and execution capability of scientific and technological achievements commercialization, and has the qualifications of national high-tech enterprise and IATF16949 parts. The company has a high-level R&D team, and owns dozens of patents in the field of fuel cell. It always adheres to independent innovation, dual-wheel driving of battery and equipment and is committed to hydrogen energy fuel cell production, core components process manufacturing and advanced equipment manufacturing. Cemt Co., Ltd. strengthens the innovation chain, extends the industry chain, enhances the value chain, masters the unique metal plate coating core technology, has completely independent intellectual property rights and has realized the localization of two basic fuel cell components: metal bipolar plate and membrane electrode.

At present, Cemt Co., Ltd. has established five production bases in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shandong and Zhejiang, all of which are within the first batch of fuel cell vehicle demonstration city clusters announced by the state, and each base is equipped with a complete production line.

Cemt’s development goal is to become the global first-rate hydrogen energy fuel cell manufacturer and realize the materials localization, production process automation, large market scale and form the core competitiveness to make contributions for China’s “Carbon Neutrality and Peak Carbon Dioxide Emissions” goal.

Industry Lineup

Battery Science & Technology
Battery Science & Technology(Tianjin)
Battery Science & Technology(Tianjin)
Battery Science & Technology(Tianjin)
Battery Science & Technology
ZhengTuo Energy Technology
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