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Industry Introduction

Luen Mei Real Estate—a High-quality Urban Life Creator

Luen Mei Real Estate makes the core layout in first-tier cities, and its projects cover more than 10 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Shenyang and Shantou. It actively selects hot spot regions, and its projects cover high-end urban commerce and high-end humanity communities, etc.

With the humanity health as the theme, the residential products developed by Luen Mei Real Estate aim to create high-quality livable communities through high-quality buildings. Its representative projects include Shanghai Luen Mei Pingyue, Shanghai Modo City, Kunshan Royal Lake Mansion, Shenyang Riverbank New City/ Riverbank Mansion. Its projects have won the honors such as China Top 10 Star Properties and China Top 50 Famous Properties, and are also rated as one of the first-batch national "Healthy Residential Construction Project Pilot", "Healthy Residence Demonstration Project", "Grade AAA Residential Construction Pilot" and national grade AAA residential project.

Adhering to the operation philosophy of "all-time excellence, connecting the future", Luen Mei Real Estate focuses on the development and operation of high-end commercial projects in the core areas of first-tier cities, with products covering grade 5A business office buildings, high-end retail commerce, five-star hotels and persified humanity and art clusters. Through excellent products, rich business combination and refined operation management, it creates core commercial landmarks for the cities and high-end quality experience in the cities, and builds beautiful urban landscapes. Its representative projects include SHOWAY (Shanghai), THE GATE(Shanghai), Luen Mei Building (Beijing) and Luen Mei New World (Shenzhen).

·SHOWAY Located at the core area of Shanghai Hongqiao International Business District, adjacent to the world's largest transportation hubs - Hongqiao Airport and Hongqiao High-speed Railway Station, it directly faces the National Convention and Exhibition Center and fully undertakes the spillover effect of China International Import Expo, with a total volume of 1.4 million square meters; with the forward-looking perspective and brand new visage, it integrates multiple innovation forms and covers five types of business operation: innovative Outlets, new-form commercial block, super 5A class A office building, Asian largest Broadway theater complex and ultra-luxury five-star hotel, creating a world-class commercial benchmark.

·THE GATE Located at the core area of Shanghai Hongqiao Business District, with a total volume of 360,000 square meters, it has 9 super class-A office buildings and a 70,000-square-meter high-quality commercial center.

· Luen Mei Office Building Located at the Pan-CBD of Beijing, it is a 5A class A landmark office building designed by a well-known national design company. It follows the concept of conservation and environmental protection, and practices green, energy-saving and intelligent operation.

·Luen Mei New World Located near Buji Mumianwan Station of Shenzhen Metro Line 3 and with a unique and innovative multi-first story design, the project gathers people through two squares and breaks through the traditional business model based on the convenient location advantage and traffic conditions. It is a new type of commercial complex integrating catering, entertainment, leisure and shopping.

Luen Mei Real Estate creates the new height of urban life!

Industry Lineup

Beijing · Luen Mei Tower
Shanghai · The Gate
Shanghai · Modo City
Shenyang · New Riverside Garden
Shenzhen · Luenmei New World
Kunshan · Luenmei Pinyuan