Group Honour

Luen Mei Quantum:

In January 2022, Luen Mei Quantum was selected as one of "A-share 50 Best ESG Companies" by Shenwan Hongyuan Group Co., Ltd;

In December 2021, Luen Mei Quantum won the "2020 Investor Relations Management Award" of the Golden Bull Award of China Securities Journal;

In December 2020, Luen Mei Quantum won the titles of "Top Ten Best Operation and Maintenance Enterprises Leading the Urban High-quality Development and Clean and Efficient Energy Supply" and "The Most Typical Project with Replicable and Promotional  Features";

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Mega-info Media:

In January 2022, Mega-info Media obtained the "CNAA I" certification business standard certificate and the "Media Service Advertising Agency-Level 1" qualification by the China Advertising Association;

In 2021, Mega-info Media won the 2021 China Innovative Marketing Award - Annual Innovative Marketing Case Award with the marketing case of Bojue Photography 'Chief Star Witness Officer' High-speed Railway Station Marketing";

In 2021, Mega-info Media won the "Advertiser Grand Ceremony - Annual Integrated Marketing Golden Case" and "Golden Partner of Advertisers" at the China Advertising Festival;

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Luen Mei Real Estate Group:

In September 2021, SHOWAY was listed as "15 key new consumption landmarks in Shanghai";

In 2019, TheGate won the LEED Gold Level certification;

In 2019, TheGate won the National Green Three-Star Building certification;

Beijing Olympic Garden won the Award for Excellent Engineering Design - first prize for residential apartments, granted by the China Architectural Design and Research Institute;

Beijing Olympic Garden was chosen as AAA-rated Pilot Construction Area for Residential Buildings;

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Guizhou Anjiu Group:

In February 2022, Guizhou  Anjiu Group Yipin Longan won the "Most Potential New Product Award of China's Liquor industry" ;

In December 2021, Guizhou Anjiu Group won three awards, including the Annual Top Ten Star Products, the Annual Top Ten Influential Brands and the Annual Top Ten cases at the second Liquor Industry Qingyun Award Ceremony;

In October 2021, Guizhou Anjiu Group won the "China Outstanding Flavored Liquor Enterprise Award" at the "Roundtable Meeting of China's Flavored Liquor Industry in the New Era"  at the Autumn Sugar Fair;

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Battery Science & Technology:

In March 2022, Battery Science & Technology's waste power lithium battery automatic dismantling technology was identified by China Environmental Protection Industry Association;

From 2017 to 2021, Battery Science & Technology participated in the drafting of 8 national standards, 5 of which have been put into practice, which has greatly promoted the standardized development of the industry;

In June 2018, the pretreatment process of lithium power battery recycling was identified by China Materials Recycling Association.

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ZhengTuo Energy Technology:

In May 2022, the 45,000-ton lithium ion battery anode material integration project was put into trial operation, which is the most advanced environmental protection technology and the most leading energy consumption per unit of GDP in China;

In 2018, ZhengTuo Energy Technology was selected as the "Top 10 Investment Value Companies of the Year" award ;

In 2017, ZhengTuo Energy Technology was awarded as the "Innovative Products/Technology-Materials of the Year" at the Golden Globe Award Ceremony of Senior Engineering;

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Mantis Vision:

In February 2022, Mantis Vision, as a technical supporter, cooperated with Intel and Manchester United Dream Theater to build the "Winter Olympics Experience Center". Through exclusive 3D imaging technology, it integrates sports, culture and technology into one, contributing a unique technological and futuristic sports experience for the Winter Olympics event;

In November 2021, Mantis Vision was led by Sensetime Guoxiang Capital Artificial Intelligence Industry Fund, and invested by Wen Xingsheng World (Beijing) and Putuo Science Investment Corporation (Shanghai) and other institutions;

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Terraké China:

In May 2022, Terraké and FORVIL became the strategic partners of "Sino-French Cultural Spring";

In 2021, FORVIL ranked the top of the Tmall hair shampoo category;

In 2021, Terraké was awarded the No.1, the best item recommended by ELLE, the world's largest fashion magazine

In 2021, Terraké was awarded the TOP2 recommendation list of GRAZIA, the largest French beauty magazine

In 2021, Terraké won the Victoria Beauty Award Victoires de la Beaute Gold Award;

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  • Luen Mei Holding:listed on top 500 China Energy groups in 2021

  • Luen Mei Holding:Selected as a typical case of " China Clean Heating Industry De

  • Luen Mei Holding :2020 Investor Relations Management Award

  • Luen Mei Holding:The AAAAA certificate of "Clean Heating Service Certification"

  • Luen Mei Holding:2018 Award for Investor Relations Management

  • Luen Mei Holding:Golden Bull Award for Board Secretary

  • Luen Mei Holding:One of the TOP100 listed companies in value in the Chinese main

  • Luen Mei Holding:Yearly Award for Investor Relations

  • Shenyang Hunnan heat-supplying Co., Ltd:awarded 2016 National Safety Production

  • ShenYang Xinbei Thermoelectric Co., Ltd:TOP20 heating supplier of Liaoning Provi

  • ShenYang Xinbei Thermoelectric Co., Ltd:TOP100 energy-saving and environmentally

  • Guohui Environmental New Energy Co., Ltd:High-tech enterprise

  • Jiangsu Luen Mei Bioenergy Co., Ltd:Green enterprise in Taizhou in 2016.


  • Anjiu: The Most Potential New Product Award of China's Flavored Liquor industry

  • Anjiu: Annual Top Ten Star Products, Annual Top Ten Influential Brand

  • Anjiu: China Outstanding Flavored Liquor Enterprise Award

  • Anjiu: The Best Growth Enterprise of the Year in 2021

  • Anjiu: Top100 Annual Flavored Liquors 2021, Top 100 Annual Flavored Liquor Brand

  • Anjiu: 2021 China Liquor Industry Annual Best Packaging Innovation Award - Diamo

  • Anjiu: Top Ten Annual High-end Products

  • Anjiu: Top Ten Annual Cases

  • Anjiu: Maotai-flavored Liquor T20 Enterprise Award

  • Anjiu: New Leader Enterprise Award

  • Anjiu: The Most Valuable Agent Product of the Year

  • Guizhou Anjiu (Classic):Industry Quality Model Award

  • Anjiu:Gold Award for Famous Liquor among TOP10 Famous Types of Liquor in Guizhou

  • Anjiu:Famous Chinese trademark

  • Anjiu:Guizhou provincial spirit popular among consumers of Guizhou Province


  • Mega-info Media: "CNAA I" certification business standard certificate and "Media

  • Mega-info Media: 2021 China Innovative Marketing Award - Annual Innovative Marke

  • Mega-info Media: Advertiser Grand Ceremony - Annual Integrated Marketing Golden

  • Mega-info Media: Golden Partner of Advertisers at the China Advertising Festival

  • Mega-info Media: TOP Media of Annual Influence in the Advertising Industry

  • Mega-info Media: Top 500 Asian Brands 2021

  • Mega-info Media: Creative Award Innovation - Gold Award for Marketing Innovation

  • Mega-info Media: ADMEN International Award Scene Marketing Practical Golden Case

  • Mega-info Media was certified as "Outdoor Advertising Quality Media"

  • The Largest Number of Digital Media in the Core Waiting Area of High-speed Railw

  • Mega-info Media: Top 100 Outdoor Media Companies award

  • Mega-info Media: 2021 IAI Awards Outdoor Marketing Case Award

  • Mega-info Media: 2020 China Innovative Marketing Award - Annual Innovation Marke

  • Mega-info Media: 2020 Advertiser Grand Ceremony - Annual Golden Partner award

  • Mega-info Media:Creative Innovation Award "The Golden Award of Marketing Innovat

  • Mega-info Media:The Most Influential Media of Asian Brand Communication in 2020

  • Mega-info Media:IAI"The Most Influential Media in 2020"

  • Mega-info Media: 2018 award for innovative marketing within the industry - the B

  • Mega-info Media:Yearly Golden Partner at the 2018 Grand Ceremony of Advertising


  • Shenyang Riverside Mansion:Chinese Architectural Golden Stone Awarding

  • Shenyang Riverside Mansion: Comprehensive Prize for Global Happiness Index on Hu

  • Shenyang New Riverside Garden:United Nations International Gold Award for Human

  • Shenyang New Riverside Garden:Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize