[Shanghai Securities News] Mega-info Media’s Operating Income Increased by 8.34%, Leading the Industry Continuously

Release Time:2022-10

On the eventing of Aug. 24, Mega-info Media (301102.SZ) released the semi-annual report. The company earned the operating income RMB 264 million in the first half year of 2022, with the year-on-year increase rate of 8.34%.

As the first A-share listed company in the high-speed rail digital media advertising industry, after years of development, the core competitiveness of the company is mainly reflected in the high-speed rail digital media network advantages, digital operation advantages, customer resource advantages and brand advantages. These four factors enabled Mega-info Media to successfully pass the mid-term "big test" of the digital outdoor advertising industry.

Among them, the company's self-built high-speed rail media network, an important strategic advantage that demonstrates the "endogenous potential", has a prominent value.

Mega-info Media signed medium-term and long-term agreements with various railway bureau groups to obtain the right to install and operate media equipment in the waiting area of high-speed railway station, lock the waiting area with the most intensive passenger flow, independently install digital media equipment, and gradually build a self-owned high-speed railway digital media network covering 29 provincial administrative regions and reaching more than 1 billion person-times of passengers annually.

So far, Mega-info Media has signed media resource use agreements with 17 of 18 railway bureau groups in China. There are 461 railway passenger stations in operation, including 93.5% of high-speed railway stations (including bullet trains) in operation, and 5409 digital media screens in operation. It is worth mentioning that Mega-info Media had 432 railway passenger stations in operation by the end of 2021. The figure increased to 461, continuing the growth momentum of station resources.  

Thanks to the massive media resources, Mega-info Media has also won the recognition of leading enterprises and brand customers. During the reporting period, the company's new customers include BYD Auto, China Mobile, Tsingtao Beer and SEROVA Glasses, etc. 

In addition, the strategic business news of urban business district media was also released at the same time with the semi-annual report. After Mega-info Media announced the new strategy of urban business district media in May this year, 1400 square meters and 550 square meters of outdoor naked eye 3D large screens built by the company in Guangzhou and Taiyuan have been completed and put into trial operation as of June.

Mega-info Media said the company would cover the national first-tier, new first-tier and provincial capital cities, continuously increase the coverage and network density of digital high-definition large screens, strengthen the advantages of media resources and enhance the company's core competitiveness.