Guizhou Daily: Insights into the development secrets of Guizhou Anjiu from The World of Moutai-flavor Baijiu

Release Time:2023-10

On October 9, the third episode of The World of Moutai-flavor Baijiu, the first documentary series dedicated to Moutai-flavor Baijiu in China, was broadcasted on Guizhou TV. Through the perspective of the main character, this episode titled Master Blender vividly portrays the enigmatic profession of Moutai-flavor Baijiu blending master, subtly revealing to the audience an overarching theme within the industry: it takes a myriad of artisans to uphold the essence of Moutai-flavor Baijiu.

Notably, in the episode, Guizhou Anjiu’s Chief Engineer, Mr. Huiyuan JIN, provided guidance during the blending process of the “Dahuijiu” (i.e. Baijiu produced in the third, fourth and fifth rounds). He imparted earnest instructions, emphasizing that the art of Moutai-flavor Baijiu blending is an amalgamation of composition and meticulous adjustment. These intricate details not only elucidate the traditional craftsmanship of Moutai-flavor Baijiu, but also bear the quality secrets of Guizhou Anjiu.

Through the camera lens, we witness the harmonious symphony of Guizhou Anjiu’s “Dahuijiu”, characterized by its clean texture and mellow taste, brimming with the Moutai flavor. It encapsulates the sweat and wisdom of every individual within the Anjiu family. Conforming to the rhythmic cycles of nature, each step of obtaining the liquor fuses traditional techniques, the essence of grains, and the nuances of seasons, truly representing a harmonious collaboration of heaven, earth, and humanity.

One can imagine that every bottle of Guizhou Anjiu, from production to reaching consumers, is a result of the meticulous care and craftsmanship of renowned master Huiyuan JIN, along with the dedication of thousands of individuals in the Anjiu family, as well as the closely guarded ancestral recipes and experiences.

Behind these visual narratives lies Guizhou Anjiu’s unwavering commitment to quality. Guizhou Anjiu is dedicated to crafting high-quality spirits, and always upholding the artisan’s spirit. It adheres to “the five 100% principles”, namely staying true to 100% sourcing from the areas by the Chishui River, using 100% red-tasseled sticky sorghum, 100% employing the time-honored 12987 traditional Moutai-flavor fermentation process, 100% maturing for 5 years in ceramic jars, and 100% crafted in-house.

The exceptional quality of Guizhou Anjiu is not a sudden occurrence, but rather the result of painstaking efforts, accumulated over time. Starting from the 12th Five-Year Plan period, Guizhou Anjiu embarked on a path of continuous, huge investment, rapid expansion, and high-quality development in the scaling of production capacity. In 2023, the scale of its fermentation starter production reached 45,000 tons, and the base liquor reserve reached 80,000 tons, thus further reinforcing its advantages in production and storage. All these figures underscore Guizhou Anjiu’s unwavering commitment and determination to become a leader in the Moutai-flavor Baijiu industry.

As is well-known in the Moutai-flavor Baijiu industry, the “capacity” reflects one’s “position”. Due to the intricacies of the production process, it is only through a sufficient base liquor production capacity that the foundation and conditions for consistently producing high-quality Baijiu can be met. As demonstrated in the episode, quality is the unceasing thread that runs through Guizhou Anjiu’s development.

If the continuous expansion of production capacity serves as a robust safeguard for Guizhou Anjiu’s commitment to quality, its proactive market expansion during a period of industry adjustments represents the best validation of its vision to establish a leading and core Moutai-flavor Baijiu brand. The observation of the first documentary series of Moutai-flavor Baijiu, The World of Moutai-flavor Baijiu, resonates with the external world’s confidence in this vision. (Source: Guizhou Daily)