Mega-info Media once again makes it to the “Top 500 Brands in Asia” list

Release Time:2023-10

On September 25, the 18th Asian Brand Summit was held in Hong Kong. Mega-info Media (301102.SZ), a leading brand in high-speed rail digital media, once again made it to the “Top 500 Brands in Asia” list.

The Asian Brand Summit is an authoritative platform for the international promotion of Asian brands. It is initiated by Asiabrand, a professional brand evaluation agency, and jointly organized by institutions such as the China-Asia Economic Development Association and the Belt & Road General Chamber of Commerce. Over the years, the Asian Brand Summit has provided services to thousands of renowned Asian enterprises, making it a significant annual event for Asian brands and a vital bridge for the international promotion of brands.

With the theme of “Creating a New Era of Brand Value”, the summit aimed to deeply explore the path of further growth for Asian brands and discuss the brand internationalization from various perspectives, including brand independent innovation, brand growth, and product iteration. The summit’s goal was to support the healthy growth of Asian brands.

Mega-info Media’s re-inclusion into the “Top 500 Brands in Asia” list is not only a recognition of its brand influence, but also a testament to its comprehensive strength in brand communication, innovation, and sustainable development. With the advent of global integration, a global competition around brands has begun. The question of how to empower brand value and explore personalized brand expression is a crucial one in this era. Mega-info Media, along with many other high-quality brands, will continue to advance rapidly in the two fields of digital media and digital content. Together, they aim for cooperation and mutual success in this new era of brand empowerment.